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01 July 2018

In accordance with regulations from SLSA, a child must have turned 5 before 30 September of the year that they are eligible to join Nippers. Children are registered in the age group according to the age of the child on 30 September. For example, if your child is 11 on 30 September, the child will be in the Under 12s.

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Blue Card Application

Surf Life Saving is a source of fun, enjoyment, health and well-being for all who choose to participate. This policy supports Surf Life Saving Queensland‟s (“SLSQ”) commitment to the safety and welfare of members and others who engage with Surf Life Saving. It has been created to protect all SLSQ individual members who are under 18 years of age from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury, exploitation and abuse (including sexual abuse) while under the care and conduct of any Surf Life Saving leader, instructor/trainer, manager or coach. This policy provides direction to all Surf Life Saving Clubs, Branches and SLSQ regarding the legislative requirements of the Blue Card System administered by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act (2000) (the “Act”) and the procedures for compliance. The SLSQ Blue Card Screening Policy is also a mandatory component of the SLSQ Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy.



  • Children under 18 years of age who are volunteers are not required to undergo a police information check under this category.

  • Children under 18 years of age who are paid employees are required to undergo a police information check under this category.

  • All volunteers and paid employees over the age of 18 who work with children or young people must apply for the relevant “Blue Card” or “Exemption Notice”. All volunteers must hold a “Blue Card” or “Exemption Notice” before they start volunteering in any area of regulated employment, regardless of how often they come into contact with children and young people.

  • Due to Surf Life Saving‟s unique nature and large, varying scope of activities, SLSQ has recognised and accepted that parent members who are actively involved in working with and/or supervising children are not, or are very unlikely to be, involved in the same or similar activities as their children from week to week. Therefore parent members who are involved in roles or functions such as those listed below are required to complete the blue card screening requirements.



The following is a list of persons who must complete the screening procedures:

Club Committee Members

  • a Junior Activities Chairperson/Committee Members

  • a Junior Activities Team Managers

  • a Junior Activities Assistant Team Managers

  • a Junior Activities Chaperones

  • a Age Managers and Assistants

  • a Junior Activities Coaches

  • a Junior Activities Assistant Coaches

  • a Cadet / Youth Officers a Chief Instructor and any Training Officers

  • a Patrol Captains

  • a Club Coaches

  • a Club Assistant Coaches

  • a Club Chaperones

  • a Senior Team Managers

  • a Officials

  • a Water Safety Personnel (including IRB Crew)

  • a Patrolling Members

  • a Club Photographers

  • a Other positions that must complete the documents include: All State and Branch Team Managers, Coaches, Chaperones and assistants a All leaders, instructors and chaperones involved in a live in situation

  • a NOTE: This list is in no way limited to the above categories. Any member involved in working with members under the age of 18 years must complete the screening process.

Nippers Frequently Asked Questions 
  • My child turns 5 in November 2020, can they join nippers after their birthday?  No, sorry, your child needs to be 5 before 30th September to join for that season. They are able to join next season.

  • My child is currently 11 (12 in January 2021) what age group will they be in? The age group that your child is, is the age they are as at the 30th September, therefore you child was 11 on 30th September 2020 (12 in January 2021) and therefore is classed as being in the Under 12 age group (even though they turn 12 during the season).

  • Can I drop my child at nippers and leave? No, it is absolutely necessary that a parent of designated guardian is at the beach during the entire duration of nippers.  All nippers must have a parent/ guardian on the beach/ surrounds at all times.

  • My child is in green caps/ Fluros but I don’t know what to do. U6 & U7s should have a parent/ guardian remain with the age group at all times.

  • I have 3 children and can’t be with all groups at the same time?  That is fine. We request parents of U6 & U7 children be with their age group at all times. Parents of U8-U14s should inform their age managers where they will be if they can’t be with the group.

  • My child’s friends has a birthday that puts them in a different age group. Can they be together? Sorry but we need to follow the policies set by SLSA that children put into groups as per their birth date.

  • What does my child need? Stinger suit (long sleeves and long legs), club cap and high visibility rash shirts are compulsory. Please also bring Togs, water bottle, towel, goggles & sunscreen.

  • What are junior awards and does my child need to do them? Each age group award has sessions that they participate in to acquire relevant skills and knowledge.  They will need to attend and participate in these sessions to attain the relevant age award.

  • Does my child have to be able to swim? Yes, for U8-U14 age groups they need to complete their pool evaluation which includes a swim and float. This must be signed off by a swim coach. U6 & U7s need to show competency in the pool. This is carried our before participating in any junior activities session to assess their swimming and self-survival ability in the water. This will determine if they can progress to Junior Activities. Nippers are then required to complete a Beach Evaluation (Run-swim-run) to participate in water activities.

  • Is this is learn to swim program? No. Although your child will benefit greatly and increase their confidence from swimming in open water, board paddling etc, our age managers do not provide specific learn to swim training or stroke correction. This is strongly encouraged to be taken up externally.

  • How can I help? Parents can become involved in many areas of club activity. Areas include – helping at Nippers on Sundays (set up and pack up of the beach, helping run activities, being an observer for the age group), carnival officiating, first aid officer, fundraising committee, clothing co-ordinators, inputting data in the office, providing water safety at nippers/ training & carnivals (once you have your Bronze Medallion), BBQ assistance, clubhouse maintenance etc. Most of all supporting your child’s age manager and your child in their Junior Activities.

  • Can my child compete in carinvals? Please talk to your child’s age manager about this. All carnivals are advertised once nominations open. Your age manager is the best person to determine if your child is ready to compete.

Junior Activities Manual 2019_20

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